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Black and White Handbags for Spring 2016

Black and White Handbags for Spring 2016

Are you still searching for this spring’s IT bag? Getting ahead of the trends just got easier. Spring 2016 is all about neutral colors!  Can you take a guess as to which two colors are most popular? Here’s a hint: you can see it on a dalmatian and spot it on a tv that has no signal… Yep thats right, the classic colors of black and white are must have for your handbag(s) this spring! 

Now let’s talk about the style of handbags that we recommend you to rock the trend with.


Bucket Bag


The bucket bag has a unique but appealing shape. It has impeccable structure and versatility. A black or white bucket bag adds a flair to its utilitarian style. It is a must have bag that you can take casually to the beach or formally to a dinner party. 

Fringe Crossbody 


Sometimes, we just want a handbag that is handsfree; there is no stress, just play. Classic white on fringe is major this spring season. Sometimes black on fringe blends in too much and doesn’t capture the beautiful, natural movement of the fabric. White changes the game and creates a clean, modern look that updates last seasons spring bags. 

Black Envelope Clutch


Do you prefer clutches? The envelope clutch provides functionality with style. It’s structure makes it easy to wear in any setting; from work to happy hour this clutch remains trendy and professional. It is the briefcase of all clutches and it’s a must have for your spring wardrobe. Check out Clutch NY‘s envelope clutch and get a great deal! 

Foldover Clutch


This fold-over white clutch is Clutch NY’s ultimate favorite. This leather fold-over clutch  gives you enough room for your essentials and does not give up on your style’s aesthetic. It is a classic silhouette that is easy to carry around and easy to style. It is a must have handbag for this spring 2016. 

Classic Backbag


New Yorkers are always on the go! Its a fact that many can’t deny. Handbags become extremely important when you are constantly on the go. You not only need a bag that is easy to carry but big enough to carry everything you need for the day. The classic back bag is not only for school but it’s for YOU! Black and white color block on a back bag matures your look while still remaining true to the trends. Forget your tote, just grab your back bag and go! 

These 5 bags are the ideal for the modern woman! Wear a different style everyday or wear multiple all at once. Your handbag should be perfect for your lifestyle and still reflect your stylish taste. For more clean, classic and utilitarian style handbags, visit CLUTCH NY today!


Why NYC is the Best Place for Inspiration

Why NYC is the Best Place for Inspiration 

Clutch Bags NY is a collection designed by creative director, Laura Dotolo. Clutch Bags have a classic, utilitarian style that reflect the heart of NYC. New York City is our #1 source for inspiration! It’s the city where EVERYTHING happens and no one ever sleeps. It’s lively vibe captures the essence of our brand and our customers. Inspiration can be found almost anywhere in NYC; from the food to the architecture. Do you have a collection or brand and need a new muse? 

Here are our top 6 reasons why NYC is the best place for inspiration: 

Street Stylin’


Hello Upper East Siders, Lower West Siders,  and Brooklynites! No matter where a fashionista resides, she is on the streets looking fabulous as ever. Street style is fascinating in the city where fashion strives. The fashion capital oozes of innovation, trends, and impeccable taste. The typical on the go fashionista never forgets her heels, shades, or handbag wherever she goes. She is also always ready for the next event and photo op. Street style is NYC’s specialty and every outfit on the scene never disappoints. 

Foodies Unite

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 12.45.50 PM

If the talk is not about fashion in New York, it’s about food. NYC has over a thousand restaurants, cafes, and diners. You can also escape a crowd with street vendor food. The possibilities are endless and the food is spectacular. In NYC, Wednesdays are for Brooklyn’s rainbow bagel, while Sundays are strictly for brunch. You can eat an authentic ramen soup or be more daring and try a ramen burger. The creativity is unimaginable in this city and the passion lies in the pure ingredients used to make a food lovers dreams come true. 

Architectural Digest

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 12.44.41 PM

Architecture surrounds New York City. It’s as innovating as the fashion and the food. The Flat Iron building is known for its unique shape, while apartment buildings are known for their incredible classic stairs. There are also NYC “statement” buildings like the iconic Empire State that stands tall in the day and lights up in the night. Buildings are white, black, gold, and sometimes even made out of glass. NYC’s futuristic appeal makes it hard to not get inspired. It inspires structure and color for any product that you may want to include in your next collection. 

Street Art Love

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 12.44.51 PM

Art in itself is a natural inspiration. Art on the streets creates fascination. Every corner of the city lies a picture that screams a thousand words. Artists rely heavily on the city for inspiration and create beautiful works that can make your jaw drop. There is the love wall full of color and there is a wall of a dancer almost leaping out of the art. The talent is shown to inspire everyday people and motivate creation. Everyone has a gift to create, so take the time to think of how you will achieve that goal. Clutch NY takes prides in handbag craftsmanship and art helps our team constantly innovate our products. 

Interior Genius’

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 12.45.30 PM

Interior design is important for any setting. NYC exceeds all expectations and expands creativity. Interior decor in cafes, restaurants, and markets are executed beautifully. Whether it is lights or cool free standing structures, NYC knows how to brighten up a room. Just like architecture, interior decor can inspire structure and aesthetics. If you want a muse for your visual merchandising, interior decor and design is your answer. Let the decor speak to your brand and capture the voice that you create through your products. 

Nature’s Parks

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 12.46.03 PM

Last but not least, the most powerful influence in NYC and the world is nature herself. New York City has America’s most beautiful parks. Central park is iconic with its beautiful garden and fountain. The High Line park is beautiful and one of the most innovating places to visit. We can’t forget Washington Square Park that welcomes you with arches and a big, open fountain. You can also walk past Bryant Park which has a beautiful view in the city at night and an event space big enough to enjoy a yoga class. Nature will always be inspiring! It’s calm nature let’s us escape from the chaos the city can bring. It is a concert jungle after all. 

No matter what product or brand you are, inspiration is needed for motivation. Inspiration in NYC is the source of Clutch NY’s passion as well the women who live there. Never forget who your brand is and who you are making your products for. Now follow Frank Sinatra’s lead and “start spreading the news…I am leaving today. I want to be a part of it. New York, New York”



How to Make a Handbag in the USA: Step 2

How to Make a Handbag in the USA: Step 2

Here comes the fun part of making a handbag. If you are keeping up with our posts, this week we discuss the second step on How to Make a Handbag in the USA. This step is all about conceptualization and design. When you reach this step we discuss your vision, who you are and what you are looking to design.

Your Vision: A vision is necessary for designers. Your vision could be what inspires you. What do you visualize when you think about your dream handbag? A great way to help you identify those key points is to create a vision board. A vision board helps you organize and conceptualize your wants and goals. 


Your identity: After identifying your vision and what you would like to achieve, it is time to identify who you are as a brand or designer. Why is this important for design? We want to help you design for a tailored audience. Who are you making a handbag for? What sort of of image are you trying to perceive? A great example would be Clutch Bags NY. Clutch NY is a collection of handbags designed by creative director, Laura Dotolo. Clutch NY handbags have a classic, utilitarian style that reflect the heart of NYC. It is important to note that the main focus of a brand other than its product is its audience.  

Your design: We want to make your vision come to life! The design process is the first step that will lead you to the sample of your handbag. Now would be the time to email or call us at 800.208.1840 and set up a design appointment so we can work with you to design that handbag. Maybe you need ideas for your handbag and are not sure what size, color or zipper it should have. Don’t worry! We are here to work with you during the entire design process. We will help you to formulate all your dimensions, details, hardware choices, functionality and materials for your product. 


Stay tuned next week to learn how we help you with the next step of the process: Sourcing..or as we like to say,  “the secrets of our sourcing powers.”

How to Style a Handbag

How to Style A Handbag 

A handbag is more than just an accessory, it’s a statement. It doesn’t always have to hide on your shoulders. Let it add to your outfit instead! Stand out by styling your look to go with your bag whether its for work or for play.

Here are 3 fun ways on how to style a handbag this Spring:

1. Pop It                                                                                                               

tumblr_nomdsmZjbU1tguoxuo1_500tumblr_nctwg5Bf691r0ldx9o1_500Stand out among a sea of black. Try to never be afraid of color. This mustard yellow color is still as bright and fun as the color of the sun. The best way to style the color of a handbag is to have it be the stand out color of your outfit. Neutrals also look great with this color. Change the rules and rock this look whether casual or professional.

2.   Texture meets Style                                                                                      



Not all bags are made of leather! Suede, the napped fabric, is a great alternative so don’t shy away from a suede handbag. You can match the handbag with denim fabric or funk it up with fringe detail. If you want to go a step further, match your fabrics to your handbag! Who says that monochromatic can’t be used for texture? Whether it’s suede on suede or transitional fur on fur, the mix is perfect for this spring. Suede is also one of the trendiest fabrics of this season, so keep this in mind when styling your handbag. 

3. Fringe it Up                                                                                         




Fringe returned 2 years ago as a trend and guess what? It looks like it’s still out to play. When wearing this trend pair it with a simplistic outfit. The best quality about fringe includes its fascinating movement. You want the fringe to be the essence of your look. For those that are still hesitant to try the trend, you can buy fringe as a tassel to clip on to your handbag as well. Give fringe a shot and let it dance while you strut the streets.

Remember, a handbag can be more than just an accessory. It is all about how you style a handbag. Try new trends and see what works for you and what does not. This is why Clutch Bags NY exists! We love handbags and the women who wear them. The streets are inspiring and the trends keep us excited and on our toes. Make sure to keep up with our Instagram for our newest spring collection! 

Inspired by the lifestyle of New York, our latest campaign for Clutch Bags.

Inspired by the lifestyle of New York, our latest campaign for Clutch Bags.



Best Fall Trends for Handbags in New York!

With every season that comes and goes, we get more and more convinced that the accessories market is booming and conquering the entire fashion industry. While trends fluctuate and change your wardrobe every season, statement accessories continue to make a splash. Making a good investment in an accessory, such as a handbag, makes more sense than buying  apparel at the same price.  Be reminded that apparel withers, goes out of fashion and becomes useless faster than a subway ride from the Bronx to Wall Street.

After careful consideration, we narrowed down the best fall trends for handbags for a perfect New Yorkite!

LV Bag

Louis Vuitton Miniature Box Bag

Miniature box bags– Box bags have always been a hit for girls in New York! It’s the perfect bag to rock the never-ending nightlife of the city. Apart from the style, the bag is feasible with its size and structure, making it an all time favorite.

Two Toned Celine Tote

Two Toned Celine Tote

Two-tone totes: Fall tends to get very monochrome in NYC because of the dull weather. With the new trend of two-toned bags, you add some versatility and some color to your style and wardrobe.

Stella McCartney Foldover Clutch

Stella McCartney Foldover Clutch

Foldable bags: The laid back bags look like every kids brown paper lunch bags. After an army of structured and perfect bags for the workingwomen of New York, an easy and foldable bag will definitely be seen worn by some Soho girls.

Narciso Rodriguez Structured clutch

Narciso Rodriguez Structured clutch

Structured bags: Continuing their reigns from the last seasons, structured and symmetrical bags are very much still in. For every businesswoman and aspiring girl boss, these bags are  perfect as they help you organize your super busy lifestyle with multiple pockets and structured shapes.

Sonia Rykiel Oversized Coin Purse

Sonia Rykiel Oversized Coin Purse

Over sized coin purse bags: Who doesn’t like a small little cute coin purse? Reflecting the evergreen and iconic style of Jackie Kennedy, over sized coin purses are for the shy yet fun girl in New York!

Chloe Fringed Bag

Chloe Fringed Bag

Fringed bags: Fringes equate to Boho chic which is a very summer trend. Incorporating fringes in dark fall colors and fabrics is a total win. The bag will continuously remind you of the beautiful summer that New York offers and will keep you motivated to bear the horrible cold of the city!

Tell us which is your favorite @ clutch made fb page

A Designer Day with Clutch Bags

What words come to find when you hear: Clutch Bags NY?

Classic? Classy! Chic!

Terrific? Timeless! Tasteful!

Effortless? Elegant! Essential!

For many months now I have been blogging for and I have had such a great time observing and reporting the new and happening things going on about town. Working with Clutch Bags NY has introduced me to a world of strong women who know what they want and know how to get it.

Though I have been able to interview, review, or research a number of smart and successful women and their accomplishments, I have always (secretly) been awaiting the day I could interview the woman who is Clutch Bags NY: Laura Dotolo. Continue reading

Clutch Bags: 5 Reasons Why NYC is Clutch

new-york-city-158New York City: the hub of hubs, the feeding ground of feeding grounds. Without a doubt, it’s the place to be. Clutch Bags NY designer, Laura Dotolo, picks up on the variety of personalities that the city has to offer and she draws inspiration from them to create a collection of handbags for women around the world. Because of NYC’s diverse population, it has become a city that caters to the wants and needs of many different traditions. The true beauty of New York, however, is how it peacefully houses different cultures and customs. Depending on the day of the week, there will definitely be something that will interest you–no matter who you are and where you are from. Continue reading

White Bright Designer Hand Bags : Clutch Bags says “Keep It Light”

White is not just a color. It’s an attitude.  Take a look, open your eyes.  White is making its appearance in the form of hip and cool.  Yeh!  The color white has finally arrived!  It has taken quite a few years in the fashion journey for white to creep  down to this level;  the no frills street level that is.  Sure, white is nice.  It is pure. It is sweet. It is bridal, first communion,  innocence, purity  and cleanliness.  It is also bright, fresh, and blinding.  It is so very  healing and germ free.  Let’s face it,  it is the king of all neutrals. Continue reading

New York Fashion Week shows off Houndstooth

Houndstooth at New York Fashion Week


This past week gave us a tremendous peek into what’s coming for Fashion and overall Style in the months ahead. One fun observation is the photo montage below captured by none other than Alex Thompson, our man on the street. Could this first shot be none other than, oh you guess.

Not sure if the houndstooth is here to stay but Continue reading