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Manufacturing in USA, free consultation!

Free consultation at www.clutchmade.com


As one of the busiest metropolitan cities  in the world, New York City boasts about their continuous increment in the number of budding young entrepreneurs. We currently live in a time frame where there seem to exist  no boundaries when it comes to building a profession. With the boom of internet, every young graduate school dreams of starting a new business, aiming to become a CEO in a span of 5 years. Long lived those days where the position of a manager would be filled by people with grey hair.   Some of the biggest and most successful fashion ideas have turned into phenomenon like Nasty Gal, and The Blonde Salad  which have been initiated by young talents in their 20’s.

Sophia Amoruso

Sophia Amoruso

With self-built empires, come major responsibilities which end up testing one’s time management skills. With a very limited capital and not a major scope to employ an army of professionals to run help you run your business, young entrepreneurs start losing interest in their newly built business and start withdrawing or dropping out. This is the part where we can come in handy!

Free consultation at www.clutchmade.com

Clutch Made provides not one but ten services to help you make your dream into a reality. From manufacturing to social media support, we know how to nurture a sapling into a full grown tree. Not only do we help provide a third perspective to your business but also help you make your connections stronger with your clientele. By providing an outsider’s point of view, you also get a taste of what might be  the likes and dislikes of your client and help you narrow your target market. While we support your brand, you get the opportunity to sit and analyze on future prospects for your brand to turn into something major!

Free consultation at www.clutchmade.com

Our free consultation is a quick 5 mins procedure from your end and we get back immediately in the span of 48 hours with a detailed analysis of how we can help you and your brand. There’s nothing to lose, ITS FREE! Grab this chance, New York doesn’t offer a lot of free opportunities as such 😉

Photography by Clutch Made.

Clutch Made in USA

Clutch Made in USA

                     CLUTCH MADE



Clutch Made in USA is awesome stuff made in the USA by Clutch NY.  Clutch NY now manufactures a wide range of goods here in the USA for small businesses to large brands. We have begun to manufacture everything from handbags, wallets, belts, leather goods, to apparel and dresses, t-shirts, baby clothes, pet accessories, hair accessories and home goods. How did this happen? Continue reading

Clutch Bag Inspiration

clutch bag inspiration


Clutch Bag inspiration was happening in droves here in New York City during Fashion Week. Every time you looked, you saw a clutch bag inspirational moment.  For me, as creative director of Clutch NY, this was quite a fantastic deluge of visual inspiration.  This fashion week really served to show me that clutch bags Continue reading

How To Wear A Clutch Bag

how to wear a clutch


How to wear a clutch bag.  Did you ever think there would be a blog written about this?  A clutch bag is a very simple handbag, and it is constantly in the fashion pages of magazines and web stores.  Clutch bags are great; they are purposeful and they are always suggested for weddings and for dinners out.  So, is this the only time you can carry a clutch bag?  The Clutch NY team thought that this topic would make a great blog; to talk about how to actually wear a clutch bag. Continue reading

Fold Over Clutch Bag Review

Fold Over Clutch Bag Review


This week the Team at Clutch NY decided we would give our readers a Fold Over Clutch Bag Review so you, the reader,  can get a better understanding for why this leather handbag was designed by Laura Dotolo. Continue reading

Clutch Bags New York Handbag Designer Laura Dotolo

Laura Dotolo Clutch Bags NewYork Handbag Designer

         Clutch Bags Designer Laura Dotolo


Marketing and media firm Web Sales Magic sat down with the creative force behind ClutchBags.com;  Clutch New York Designer Laura Dotolo. Here is  an inside look into the thought, inspiration and aesthetic that goes into the New York City Handbag Designers brand.

WSM: Thanks for taking the time to meet with us Laura. You’re offices here are amazing; what a view!

Laura Dotolo: Thanks! I’ve always loved living in downtown Manhattan. I was searching for a great office space that offered inspiration.  I was lucky enough to come upon this space that has 7 windows facing the harbor of New York City.  It is quite a spectacular view. Continue reading

Hobo Bag Feed Bag Clutch Bags NY!


Hobo Bag Feed Bag clutch Bags NY

     The Feed Bag from Clutch Bags NY


Ok, so if you have been following us on Facebook, you know that this week we are spotlighting the Hobo Bag Feed Bag  from  Clutch Bags NY.  So, the Clutch NY team decided we should write our own handbag review of the Feed Bag and talk about what goes into the design and production of this lovely leather purse. Sound good?  We think so.  So please follow along here. Continue reading

Statue of Liberty Inspiration

Statue of Liberty Inspiration

          Statue of Liberty Inspiration


The Statue of Liberty serves as inspiration to Clutch NY’s Laura Dotolo everyday of her New York City life.  Why you ask? She sits in the harbor  right outside Laura’s window.  Yes, you heard right. The Statue of Liberty inspiration lives right outside the window’s view at the Clutch NY headquarters on  the Battery in Manhattan. Continue reading

Made in New York City

Made in New York City

Made in New York City Rebirth

Made in New York City is being talked about more in the press and on the streets of the USA then ever before.  Have you noticed?  There have been countless articles, news reports, websites, blogs and banter about how the USA is bringing manufacturing back to this country. And isn’t this exciting for us as Americans?  What does all of this mean?

Clutch NY knows, because we have been manufacturing our leather handbags and purses in New York City for 15 years now. Continue reading

New York City Style: #1

New York City Style

New York City Style 

New York City Style has to be one of the most sought after styles of  fashion  in the world.  And yet, no one even thinks of NYC in these “branding” terms.  As a New York City Stylist for 20 years and a handbag designer for 15 years, I can conclusively say that the fashion street inspiration you see in NYC  is definitely a sought after style of fashion around the globe. Continue reading