The Sun Comes Up for Local Movement that is Making an Impact

Over the years we have seen issues regarding the wellbeing of our planet come to the headlines of newspapers, and the forefront of media. But how does one follow a movement and see it through when our daily lives are so saturated by so much media and so many causes?

Sunrise is a movement to stop climate change and create millions of good jobs in the process. Sunrise calls themselves an ‘army of young people’ who tackle the issues of climate change across #America and try to stop corruption whilst supporting new leaders who stand for #sustainability #health and #wellbeing. This local movement is not only #USA based and grown, but it also includes ordinary people who care about what the current wellbeing of our planet looks like in the future.

Without looking to either political side their motto is to simply look forward, to change the country and the world. For years communities across America are already feeling the impacts of climate change, especially for working-class individuals and minorities.

This local movement have looked to solutions that will make an impact if they are to be enforced. Solutions like wind and solar energy are cheaper than Oil and Gas, reducing billions in taxpayers money and create millions of jobs by upgrading America’s outdated infrastructure. But even though viable solutions exist, large corporations and people in positions of power pit us against each other. Whether its by political party, skin color, socio-economic background, they tell us that some communities have to suffer for others to thrive.

Everyone has a role to play. Public opinion and public education matters. In 2019 Sunrise are pushing for climate change to become the priority in presidential primary debates.

So what can you do to support or join this local movement so that it does remain relevant and effective in change? Sunrise is a great place to get involved by signing up to attend to primary debates, donating or petitioning in your community.

At #clutchbagsdotcom we always bringing you the #latestinfashionandstyle. But what is more #fashionable and #stylish than a local #USA movement we can definitely get behind. Our planet is our responsibility and contributing to local economies is something we strongly believe in.

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At #clutchbagsdotcom we work with emerging designers to promote and sell their products. Why? Because #Americanmade products contribute to the US economy, local communities, create jobs, and promote sustainable and ethical making. We are trying to close the loop on mass made products that impact our planet and other communities.

Local movements like #sunrise are so great to get involved in because our planet is our responsibility, and the team at #clutchbagsdotcom loves seeing local initiative to promote doing so.

So how can you get involved and make a positive impact? Head to sunrise today for more info and shop with us at Clutch Bags dot com to support our curated marketplace of #USAmade designers.

Have a great American made product and want to start selling with us today? Head to Clutch Bags dot com to request an application. It’s as easy as that.

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