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The Best Spring Statement Handbags

The Best Spring Statement Handbags 

Clothes can speak for your personality but handbags speak louder. Spring 2016 is all about having a bag with a voice. New Yorkers have, once again, been hiding in their black wardrobes this winter.  It is time to step out of your comfort zone and stand out among the rest. Check out these three statement handbags that you will be itching to wear to work, the grocery store, or even your 6pm pilates class. 

1. Symbolism isn’t Just in Books


We all know the green light in The Great Gatsby didn’t mean “go”. Symbolism on your handbag is a great way to send a message. Instead of just believing in good energy, show it with the ying yang symbol. The ying yang is known to represent both masculine and feminine energy. It represents opposite energies that cannot exist without each other. The black curve, with its white dot, stands for femininity along with night, matter, and softness. The white curve represents the opposite: masculinity with day, spirit, and hardness. Black and white in general is dominating the trends this spring. It’s neutrality is great for your bag to stand out. 

2. Talk that Talkdfb46688d0a2adeeb8ba0792d26c8d2c

Canvas totes are one of the best “go-to” bags. While most can be plain and boring, there are so many fun totes that you can wear to really give your look a statement, literally! This Spring try buying a canvas bag that states your mantra or beliefs.

If you are a shopaholic (its okay to admit it sometimes), then maybe a tote that states “Shopping is cheaper than therapy”, is the tote for you. If you are a fashionista, one of the most humorous statements for your bag might be “I’m still saving up for my Birkin”“. Finally, you can try a tote that supports your lifestyle like,  “I make Champagne Disappear. Whats your superpower?”


In the mode to get bold and state something political or take a stance? Our inspiration this spring is Speak It Tees and Totes who says: “Have you ever felt the need of saying something but didn’t know how to do it? We founded this company for that very reason. We felt that people needed a platform where they could find cool items to express themselves… SPEAK IT! Our accessories are made for the people by the people.” Check them out and make sure to speak it this spring with your sassy or symbolic handbag.

3. “OMG! Look at Her Bag!” 


If you’re not a fan of tote bags, try looking for clutches like this one. Bags with expressions and fun shapes are one of the trendiest accessories for this spring. Just like the symbolism bags, there are other fun objects and food inspired items that can make for a great statement bag.

How about some popcorn with that?


Pop into the spring fever and get out of your comfort zone. Go from OMG to POW and support your favorite comic!


Make sure to keep up with our blog and stay on trend this spring!

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New York City Dance Inspiration for Designer Handbags

Great new video by Clutch Bags NY featured photographer and videographer Demetrius Fordham. Demetrius was instumental in helping us capture on film all of the great street scenes showing off all our collection of Designer Handbags and purses and all things clutch bags. What he also brings is such a great sense of street style that our readers have come to expect from our blog showing off all the latest trends being worn on the streets of New York.

New York Fashion Week shows off Houndstooth

Houndstooth at New York Fashion Week


This past week gave us a tremendous peek into what’s coming for Fashion and overall Style in the months ahead. One fun observation is the photo montage below captured by none other than Alex Thompson, our man on the street. Could this first shot be none other than, oh you guess.

Not sure if the houndstooth is here to stay but Continue reading

Mail Bag as photographed by Demetrius Fordham

Clutch Bags Mail Bag

Wow!  How Urban New York is this image of a gorgeous Alvin Ailey  dancer twirling with the white leather shoulder bag from Clutch Bags?

When I asked Demetrius Fordham if he wanted to shoot his choice of a bag from the Clutch Bags Collection, he knew exactly  how he was going to approach it. I have to admit as well, I know D’s style of photography, so I could almost picture this image in my head before he captured it. Demetrius is a photographer with vision, perseverence and talent. Continue reading

Designer Clutch Bag as photographed by Shana Novak










How great is this image?  What a fantastic still life.  This is the second image in a series that Clutch Bags New York is doing in collaboration with talented professional photographers in NYC. I have asked colleagues of mine in the photography world, to shoot any handbag of their choice from the  designer collection, any way they would like, in keeping with their own creative style.   Continue reading

Ipad Bag as photographed by Frank Louis NYC

Tek Bag by Clutch Bags New York


With the tek bag by Clutch Bags do your really need any other accessories?With a special sleeve to protect your ipad and plenty of room for other toys and sundries you should be all set. What a great boyfriend Bag! And what a great photo by Frank Louis NY.  Continue reading

Cool Santa Lady with a Shoulder Bag

shoulder bag on santa lady

Santa Lady with shoulder bag

Just because the temperature drops a bit  don’t let anyone tell you to throw on a parka when you’re heading out on the town. This girl is why I love New York City for inspiration for my line of clutch bags and fine leather purses.

Continue reading