Clutch Bags: 5 Reasons Why NYC is Clutch

new-york-city-158New York City: the hub of hubs, the feeding ground of feeding grounds. Without a doubt, it’s the place to be. Clutch Bags NY designer, Laura Dotolo, picks up on the variety of personalities that the city has to offer and she draws inspiration from them to create a collection of handbags for women around the world. Because of NYC’s diverse population, it has become a city that caters to the wants and needs of many different traditions. The true beauty of New York, however, is how it peacefully houses different cultures and customs. Depending on the day of the week, there will definitely be something that will interest you–no matter who you are and where you are from.

Follow me on a multimedia trip of 5 (out of an infinite number of) incredible and inspiring activities that have been and will be popping up in NYC this summer!

1. NYC Museums: While New York has a number of amazing museums, housing the histories of people, places, and things all over and out of this world, the MoMA‘s Rain Room has been the cause of buzz for weeks now! The Rain Room is a 100 sq meter area of falling water that uses 3D tracking cameras to sense a person’s presence, allowing visitors to walk through the rain without getting wet. Check it out:

2. NYC Music & Dance: Throughout the summer, you can be sure to find a number of music and dance events. Pier 84 is a venue that holds dancing ranging from salsa to swing! It also holds concerts of a variety of genres: from electronic music to rock music to motown to classical. Check out this video of a salsa dance social during the summer!

3. NYC Fashion: As mentioned before, New York is a city that is home for people all over the world. This means that the fashions of the world come together to create an eclectic, beautiful NYC style! Someone who understands this more than anyone else is Bill Cunningham! In the following clip, Bill discusses the latest New York City fashion trends.

4. NYC Films: Going to the movies in New York does not have be a $13-25 expenditure anymore! I have recently discovered one of my favorite activities: watching FREE movies in a park! Though NYC is considered the concrete jungle, it does have a number of beautifully green parks that are great to spend an afternoon picnicking in or an evening watching a film in. Almost every day in various parks there is a movie screening. A great site to find out when and where which movies are playing is NYCGO.

5. NYC Transit: Due to the density of New York City, people often forget that it is an island surrounded by water. A great way of getting around the city and seeing its varying personalities is by cruising! Throughout the year (and especially during the summer) there are a number of cruises available to New York residents and its visitors. Two of the most popular cruises are on New Year’s Eve and the Fourth of July! However, if you just want to spend a random day on the water, the Circle Line and City Lights cruises are worth checking out!  On board you get a live music show, a great view, and a delicious meal.

Whether you are from the city or just visiting, you are bound to find SOMETHING to interest and inspire you!


Nandhi is our Clutch NY blogger at large who spends her days observing and her nights reporting.  Imported to NYC from Mozambique, via McGill University, Nandhi dreams someday of becoming a screenwriter.  For the moment, she is keeping the Clutch NY audience up to date with what’s up today in fashion, trends, news and inspiration

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